Mar 28
Jun 28
Jun 5

Eat, Smoke, Shit, Fuck, Fight, & Die!

Feb 24
Feb 12

Yet another new(er) track from 2012 dropping here in the ought 13. 808 break, subs a fire, enjoy.

Jan 27

Like David Bowie? Here is a Mystic Bummer Mash of Ziggy Stardust.

Sep 26

NEW M/B Club banger for all you club kids and shiksa out there. dance or die!

Jun 29

Destroy the remaining brain cells you have left! Listen to this M.B. track off of the upcoming yet untitled album.word

Mar 26

New Remix I done did for Thug Entrancer (one half of Hideous Men). Has some DnB ism to it.

Feb 19

Dig This. Newish track, that i haven’t posted before. not really new.

Oct 27

Sexual Wizardry | Mystic Bummer

New Track from the upcoming Pink Tingle Album. Check it out, dance as fuck. mix is a little off, but it is freshzzzzzzz

Flashlights DJ Set @ Catacombs (Boulder, CO) - 7/29/11

Disasteradio/Mystic Bummer/No Funeral/FRNS/Lust @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO) - 7/31/11

Ice Age/Hot White/Negative Degree/and More @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO) - 8/2/11

Pictureplane/Hollagramz/Gauntlet Hair Tour Kick Off @ Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO) - 8/4/11

Flashlights Tour Kick Off @ Marquis Theater (Denver, CO) - 8/5/11

Super Powered Dance Destroyer @ The VFW (Santa Fe, NM) - 8/6/11

All These Billions/Tommy & The Tangerines @ The Skylark (Denver, CO) - 8/11/11

Jul 28
Brain Melting Hot Summer Shows